About Us

Line of Energy VTC established on 10th of December, 2018 has been on the ETS2/ATS scene for 3 years. We have been active on the Czech-Slovak scene for more than 2 years. On 1st of February, 2021 we wanted a little more from the VTC and to be more than a Czech-Slovak VTC, so on this day we set out on the path to moving to the international scene. With that came the idea of dividing the VTC into sections. Every day, every step, we try to improve and simplify the VTC.

Frequent Convoys

One of the ways to stay active and have fun with our drivers is to drive regularly, so we organize our own convoys. Due to the sections, 3 convoys are organized in 1 month and then 1 international. Our company will also participate in other convoys and so we represent our VTC.


Professional looking site for our VTC that represents us and you can learn a lot of new information about us.
We have a lot of options and you can also view our gallery, live stats or even watch our drivers on the map! Don't make up your mind and explore our website!

Drivers Hub

We do not currently support this feature, but this new feature will soon be in preparation for our drivers or staff.
Along with this feature, there will be its own Tracker, which will track completed jobs in both games. For now, we are using VTLog.

Discord Giveaways

Our VTC hosts giveaways for anyone who is active, a driver or a member of our community. We giveaway games, DLCs, Discord Nitros, but lots more!

Fast, Convenient, Welcoming

Our VTC has reduced enough of our requirements and therefore absolutely anyone can apply to us! Thanks to our support of 20 languages, even people who don't know much English can apply! Just follow our rules and everything will be as fantastic as our community, which welcomes every new member!

VTC Mods

Custom VTC Mods for all our drivers and staff, from paints to accessories, are preparing!

Points System

Our drivers can get points to our Point System for their activity, you will be informed about the operation of this system during recruitment.