Some other features what we can offer to people who are intresting in. We offer much more, feel free to join us and let's find these other features together!

Convoy Control

One of the most important teams in our VTC ever, they are in charge of the entire convoy, they face problems with other drivers outside our VTC and must actively address them. We offer more roles here (Member of CC Team, Leader of CC Team, CC Supervisor)

Convoy Streams & Videos

We regularly make streams from convoys and then the video is posted on our youtube channel. Everything is done by members of our Media Team, thank you. We are glad that there are people who enjoy streaming and having fun on the stream with new people and representing our company in this direction as well.

Media Team

The most important team in our VTC, they take photos or record videos or even doing livestreams. They take care of regular contributions to our social networks, cooperate with our graphics, who edit these photos or make previews of videos. Incredible cooperation!